What To Wear When Jogging In the Cold

Young man and woman jogging on a snowy day in city

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To jog during the winter season is not for everyone, especially when you consider that you must go out in the cold weather. However, there is a solution for those people out there who just do not like to get cold at all.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle all year long is important, so we will take a look at what you can do to make it better to go outside in the cold weather to jog. There are many ways to dress for the jogging occasion according to the experts, so we will explore some possibilities.

Together we will take a look at the type of gear you can wear when it is time to go out and jog in the cold.

What To Wear

When the winter arrives, most of us start slagging off with our jogging, and that is not a good thing for us. Luckily, there are ways to prevent the winter cold from chilling our bones when we go out to jog in the cold.

The idea is that you do not want to feel cold all the time you are running; at some point, you want to heat up.

Some Tips Before Jogging in the Cold

The best approach is to warm up a bit before you start jogging, just to help your body to adapt to the cold. This is especially good for those who live in very cold areas where the outside feels like you just walked into a freezer.

Do just a few light exercises to get your body up to speed, and you will feel much better when you jog in the cold. Calf stretches and quad stretches will help prepare the legs and bring some warmth to the muscles for easier jogging.

You might still feel a bit tight in the legs, so you can jog at your best with only a little bit of stretching. Some foot exercises to loosen the legs and get the blood pumping a bit faster will also help your legs.

This will help you to not start your jogging session while you are completely cold, which will help your overall performance.

Layer the Right Way

It is not always easy to layer correctly when you are going out for a jog in cold weather. This will take some practice and experimenting. Plus, keep in mind that the temperature is not always the same every day.

If you add too many layers, you may end up heating up too much and you will not feel that good while jogging. Too little will not heat you up enough, and you will be cold all the time you jog, which is also not ideal.

The idea is to not feel comfortable before you start running, which means you layered too much and will heat up quickly. If you are still a bit chilled, you are dressed correctly so you will heat up and not feel too much heat while running.

The idea here is to still feel not too comfortable and still a bit cold, so that when you run you will heat up just enough.

girl jogging with her trainer on a snowy road in

List Of Gear

Keep in mind that many factors are involved when gearing up for your jogging session in the cold winter weather. Such things include the temperature, the length of time of your jogging session, and the thickness of the clothing you wear.

Keep a record of the temperature and the other factors and also how you feel after each jogging session so that you can adjust accordingly.


You want to start out with a thin base layer like a t-shirt to keep you dry when you start sweating. If the temperature is very low, you can always use a long sleeve as the base layer if the cold is too much.

A zippered jacket is also a good option over the base layer so that you can open it up in sections when you are too warm. It should have pockets for accessories like gloves and other gear to keep it safe while you are jogging.

You should consider a jacket that has a water-resistant shell to keep you dry from condensation and even fog in the cold weather.

A headband is good to help keep the ears warm while leaving the top of the head exposed so heat can escape. The type of material does not matter, but it will help if it has some light reflective capability for your safety.


For the hands, a pair of wind-resistant gloves is a good option to keep your extremities warm in cold weather. Nobody wants to jog when they cannot feel their fingers, and it is quite difficult to keep them warm without help.

You can always take the gloves off when your hands warm up and store them in the pockets of your jacket.


For the legs, a pair of tights that have wind-resistant capabilities is also a good choice to wear when you are jogging. You do not need to wear tights with too thick of a material because your legs will heat up quickly in the cold weather.

Running pants made from thin and lightweight material are also a good option if you do not want to wear tights.


When jogging in cold weather, the tendency is to put on thick socks to keep the feet warm for better comfort. Moisture-wicking socks are the best option because it is important to keep your feet dry all the time when jogging in cold weather.

A very good choice when it comes to socks is compression socks that will easily adjust to the body temperature and keep you dry. Winter running shoes are a good option, but in those areas where it is not too cold, you can use trail shoes to run in.

While winter running shoes can keep you warm in extreme weather conditions, they might not be ideal for your area. You also want to avoid those running shoes that have a lot of mesh added to them, so trail shoes will be a better option here.


Keeping yourself from freezing is your goal when gearing up to jog in the cold weather, but too much is not so good. Experiment with different types of gear and adjust when you need to for the best effect that will be of benefit to you.

With the information provided above, you have a very good idea of what to wear when jogging in the cold, so go out jogging and be safe!

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