What Is a Good Jogging Speed On Treadmill

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For many of us, jogging outside is not an option, so we opt for a treadmill as a substitute to stay fit and healthy. But can you do the same thing on the treadmill as when out on the road, and is it good for you?

Also, what is the best pace to maintain while jogging on a treadmill that will be just as beneficial as jogging outside? We will take a look at a good speed to jog at and how you can keep it up all the time you are jogging.

Read on to find out what is a good speed to jog on a treadmill and how much benefit you can get from that.

At What Speed Should You Jog?

Some of the main reasons most people jog are to lose fat, burn calories, or use it for cardio. When you have to make use of a treadmill to do your daily jogging, you need to know what is the best speed.

It is also important to know for what purpose you are jogging on the treadmill; is it to lose weight or cardio? We take a look at the different speed settings on the treadmill and what speed you should jog for different applications.

When we talk about jogging, the average speed is basically a slow run of fewer than six miles per hour.

Different Speeds On a Treadmill

One of the most important functions of a treadmill is the speed setting, so you need to get to know it. The number 1, if set to miles, is basically one mile, so every number represents a corresponding speed, 2 is for two miles, etc.

Walking Speed

Walking speed is around 3 miles per hour, so you need to set the treadmill to one, two, or three for walking speed.

Jogging Speed

Jogging is considered just faster than walking, so any setting on the treadmill which is faster than three and up to six is jogging. The average jogging speed is around five miles per hour, and for a brisk pace, you can set the treadmill to six miles.

Running Speed

Anything faster than six miles or higher than the number 6 on your treadmill is for running and fast running. The higher numbers represent a fast sprint when you need to do sprinting exercises for stamina and endurance.

athletic woman adjusting speed on treadmill while exercising in a gym

Jogging To Lose Weight

To use the treadmill for jogging to lose weight, you need to keep a good jogging speed of around 6 miles per hour. This will help bring you into the fat-burning zone with an increased heart rate while raising your breathing rate.

For it to be effective, you need to keep that speed up for 30 minutes and more to burn enough calories. A daily session at that speed, maintained for 15 to 30 minutes, will help you lose fat and body weight effectively.

After your jogging session, you should not be able to have a full conversation without the need to catch your breath. This will be a good indicator that you have reached the target heart rate for the jogging session to be of any benefit.

Jogging For Cardio

Most people prefer jogging for cardio because it can be maintained for a sufficient time to be of any effect. It will also help to strengthen your heart and improve the overall function of the lungs and the heart for better health.

If you are jogging for cardio on the treadmill, the most effective way is to jog at different speeds at different intervals. So you can start with a slow speed of four to five miles per hour and increase it to six miles.

After a few minutes, you can slow down to your starting speed and repeat this throughout your jogging sessions at different speeds. Take care that you do these intervals on an irregular basis to have the best effect for cardio.

This will help your body not get used to the exercise, resulting in you reaching a plateau.

Best Speed For Beginners On the Treadmill

If you are new to treadmill jogging, you will want to get used to the apparatus, which can be done slowly. Start out at a slow walking speed of just over three miles per hour so you can get accustomed to the treadmill.

You can easily increase the speed as you get used to using a treadmill for jogging and have all the benefits from it.

Benefits Of Jogging On a Treadmill

There are several benefits of jogging on a treadmill that will help to make you feel healthier and be healthier.

  • Jogging on a treadmill will help to shed excess weight.
  • It can also be used to strengthen your heart.
  • The treadmill is good for those who wish to jog but live in a densely populated area.
  • You can set the treadmill at different settings to incline to represent hills while jogging on it.


While most people prefer jogging out in the open, the treadmill is a good substitute when the weather is not in your favor. All the benefits of outside jogging can be achieved with a treadmill, so you can use it to achieve your fitness and health goals.

Now that you know the treadmill’s different speeds and the ideal speed for jogging, go ahead and have fun.

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