Ways to Boost Your Running Energy

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As an avid runner, you know that your daily jog can both replenish your energy levels and help you feel fully awake and alert for your day ahead, but it can also wreak havoc on your zeal to commit to anything else. Especially, if you’re getting ready for a competition, or the weather is particularly difficult to handle, you could use an energy boost to complete your route and preserve your enthusiasm for the rest of the day.

If you live in the cold north of Scandinavia or the incredibly hot Australia, you may find it difficult to keep up considering the frequent extreme conditions. Here are a few hand-picked tips for elevating your mood and your stamina no matter the challenge ahead or the external factors!

Have some honey

This natural sweetener is among your top picks for getting your energy levels up instantly from the moment the spoon touches your tongue. If your muscles don’t have enough glucose at their disposal, which can happen after a hard workout on the previous day and without proper replenishment, you’ll feel sluggish, weak, and your body will rebel against your regular run. However, some honey should invigorate you in a matter of seconds.

For longer runs, on the other hand, it’s best to fuel on digestion-friendly, fiber-packed carbs, so that you can have access to a steady influx of energy to keep you going for a while.

Always bring water

No run should go without a fresh bottle of aqua by your side, no matter the weather, or if you’ll be heading home after fifteen minutes. Remember that you are literally made of water, so if you deprive your mind and your body of hydration, you cannot expect to have ample energy at your disposal.

If you’re getting ready for a marathon, or a similar serious event, then you need to rethink your water intake, and prepare your body by drinking plenty of fluids before and after your running session every day as well.

Supercharge your menu

If you’d like to learn from the best, then follow in the footsteps of fitness-loving Aussies who are always on the prowl for the next best food to enhance their performance naturally. In particular, organic superfoods in Australia have gained so much popularity among runners because these nutritious goodies can indeed elevate your energy and alertness. Think: acai berries packed with antioxidants, various mushrooms with their exotic flavor and nutrients, and omega-3-packed fish.

Make sure that your eating regime is not interfering with your running performance. If you enrich your menu with superfoods, you can make sure that your energy levels are sky-high every day, and your immune system as resilient as ever.

Organize your sleep schedule

What you do in the hours before and after your run will significantly affect your energy levels for the actual physical endeavor. Too many athletes focus only on nutrition, while they are missing out on the impact of regular, quality sleep!

If you want to feel invigorated when it’s time to hit the pavement or hit the spin bike, Thehomedweller.com states that you need to provide your body with ample sleep on a regular basis. One night simply won’t cut it – you need consistency to notice your energy going up. Finally, this will let your body utilize the beauty of vitamin D you’ll get from running during the day, which will in turn once again give you an energy spur!

Use aromatherapy

Whether you’re stressed, exhausted, anxious, or gloomy, the world of essential oils can help you reverse these negative effects and restore your energy levels. We’ve all had those afternoon slumps when we would decide to skip our daily jog, but you can use natural means such as aromatherapy to give yourself the right nudge. For example, the use of citrusy oils such as orange or lemon are known for increasing alertness and overall energy. Inhale them, light a candle, or apply directly to your skin, and let these fragrances give you the much-needed boost to complete your workout successfully.