Best Running Apps for Weight Loss

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Obesity has become a major health challenge among humans today.

But one of the outstanding ways of dealing with it is through getting the right amount of workout and healthy eating.

There are several incredible apps designed to help you lose weight by tracking various lifestyle and eating habits, like exercise and calorie intake.

Some of these apps come with phenomenal features that can get you motivated toward your weight loss course.

A number of the most notable weight loss apps are however suggested in this article to guide you in downloading the best personal fitness coach you have ever had.

Workouts that Complement Running Program for Weight Loss

Research has shown that running entirely to lose weight may not work in your best interest as your body will be tempted to eat more to avoid chronic boredom or injury. It is therefore necessary to complement running with some workouts while trying to lose weight. Such workouts include:

  • Sprint Interval – You burn the most calories when you sprint uphill and your body also burns more fats long after the sprint.
  • Strength Training – Although running burns off excess body fat, strength training torches extra calories and keeps muscle mass intact
  • Fat-Burning Runs – It is better to extend the duration in this workout because the longer these runs last, the higher the rate of fat burning increases.

Our Top Recommended Apps

There are several apps available to help you shed that extra pound in your flesh without visiting a weight loss expert. Some of these utility apps are recommended in this section.

Lose It!

This fitness app is regarded as the most fun and effective weight loss program. It uses the well-proven principles of tracking calories to spur you to success.

Lose It helps you design a personalized weight loss plan and goals which include weight loss, fitness, and wellness. You can view your information on your computer because it includes an app as well as a website.


  • You can scan in the food you have eaten either by using its Barcode Scanner to scan or using the inbuilt database.
  • Allows you track more than calories with water, health, macronutrient, and body measurement goals.
  • Syncs well with trackers, devices, and apps such as Misfit trackers, Fitbit Scales, Google Fit, Withings scales and much more.
  • Uses its Serving Size Guide to help measure portions and create a more purposeful eating experience.
  • Allows you to step up your game with exercise, fruit, veggie, and weight loss challenges and you can create a private challenge with your pals.


  • Makes counting calories to lose weight easier
  • Awesome, well designed, and simple to use interface
  • Great for tracking all types of exercise, food and goals
  • Keeps you focused and consistent with your calorie intake
  • Provides well rounded information about your weight loss goals, food intake and progress


  • The premium version seems not to offer much as expected
  • Latest update to the app seems not making it better



This weight loss app is another effective app that helps track exercise, food intake and calorie burned. It boasts of its registered members to have lost over 200 million pounds and that 88% of people who used the app to track, lose weight within 7 days of use. It measures your daily calorie requirements and allows you to log what you eat all day long from a food database of more than 6 million different foods.


  • Ability to track food fast and easy from over 6 million foods in its database which includes global menus and cuisines.
  • Supports weight gain, weight loss, and weight maintenance goal and allows you to create your own goal.
  • Syncs well with over 50 of your favorite apps and devices which include MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, Strava, a Misfit, Withings, HealthKit and many more.
  • Allows you to get connected with friends for an extra layer of motivation, accountability, and support.
  • Allows you to chart your progress, view history of your macros, calories, nutrients intake and share your progress to inspire friends and family.


  • Very simple, easy to use and nice to look at
  • Its barcode scanner is awesome
  • Helps daily to accurately monitor macros
  • Gives excellent nutritional and behavioral insight
  • Its free version comes with unbelievable features


  • There are reported cases of users’ personal data being used for other purposes
  • Measurements seem confusing and not flexible


8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

This fitness app is developed to be an all-inclusive tool to help solve the issues of losing weight, knowing activities to engage in, finding time to do workouts and coming up with a meal plan. 8fit comes with 100% customized exercises that match different goals and fitness levels.


  • Allows you to work out anytime, anywhere; at home, at a hotel or in the park without any equipment.
  • Its High-Intensity Interval Training Program is the favorite of its many users because it is more effective than the conventional cardio workouts.
  • Provides direction with your meal planning together with your fitness goal.
  • Improves your nutrition by providing you with the healthy eating tools needed for your weight goals and health.
  • Offers over 350 exercises with different levels that will make exercise a part of your daily schedule.


  • Makes you follow a workout routine everyday
  • Offers diversity of workouts and exercises
  • Comprehensive and user friendly
  • Offers excellent ways to stay in shape
  • Its diet plans are so delicious and satisfying


  • Some users reported that it didn’t allow them log in their own meals
  • Most exciting features are not free



This app is designed to help you determine what food is actually good for your health. Fooducate helps you to find out what is on your food by scanning and grading foods based on their ingredients.


  • A nutrition and health tracker that tracks food intake, exercise, quality of calories, protein, carbs, and fats.
  • Its huge food database allows you to scan over 250,000 product barcodes and get prescriptions for healthier foods according to your scan.
  • Access to free diet and health tips and weight loss tips from fitness experts.
  • Reveals what manufacturers don’t want you to notice in their ingredients such as trans fats, MSG, additives, controversial food coloring, added sugars and much more.
  • Offers more great and exciting features in the premium version


  • Helps in figuring out food you should eat
  • Helps you eat healthier, cleaner and better
  • Best companion while doing grocery shopping
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Offers excellent ways to track food, exercise, water and nutrition


  • It can only be used in the US
  • Seems not to sync well with other apps


Nike+ Training Club


This fitness training app is your ultimate personal trainer that gets you fit with over 175 free exercises ranging from endurance and strength to yoga and mobility.


  • Allows workouts anytime, anywhere with brief, bodyweight-only workouts.
  • Its daily Picks For You recommendations are based on your routine, the more you train with Nike+ Training Club, the more your suggestions become personal
  • Its flexible training plans are geared towards fitting into your schedule, progress, and other activities.
  • Features a Workout Collections that provide expert advice and recommended workouts that can spur you on to reach your goals.
  • Get motivated by some of your best athletes like Michael Jordan, Kevin Hart, Cristiano Ronaldo and Alex Morgan with their inspiring workouts.


  • Fantastic design with customized plans for user
  • It offers workouts that are very effective
  • So easy for beginners
  • It fits into all types of routines
  • One of the highest rating fitness apps on Google Play Store


  • Some bugs need fixing
  • Update version seems not working as expected

Final Thoughts

Having a super performing fitness app to support your weight loss goals can’t be more desirable, judging by the multitude of benefits that they have got to offer.

They are definitely worth trying out rather than doing nothing. Most users of these recommended fitness apps stated these apps actually helped them lose some pounds.

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