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Running apps are utility tools meant to serve you in reaching your set running goals. Today there are several of these apps that come with many exciting features such as GPS, music on the go, run statistics, personalized audio coach and a lot more. It then boils down to choosing the one that will get you going and help you realize your set goal. Our recommended apps in this article are considered the top picks among major runners, both beginners and pros.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Running Apps

There are certain prerequisites that must be met by an app before you can deem it to be a high performing tool. These requirements are as follows:

  • Ease of Use – Apps that are user-friendly and takes less of users’ time to get around, is usually considered great. Functionalities must not be too difficult to understand.
  • Social Implications – Users prefer apps that can get them connected to friends and other running buddies. One of the main features of running apps is the ability to allow users to share their progress, performance, planned routes, and awards among friends as well as encourage a bit of competition.
  • Your Priorities – If your major goal is to lose weight getting an app meant specifically for sprints and races may not work best in your interest. It is important to always go through the major functions and features of an app before pressing that download button.

Our Top 10 Recommended Apps

There are tons of running apps currently available to runners on both Android and iOS devices. We have taken the time to review most of these apps and the ones recommended here seem to be the top picks for most runners.


This running app is a well-rounded run tracker that has been around for over 5 years. It is a utility app that serves the needs of both beginners and professional runners. Unfamiliar routes can be pre-planned and followed on this app. It prominently features an audio guidance system which can be linked with Spotify library and other major music apps. Furthermore, although access to Runkeeper is free, there is an opportunity to upgrade to the premium version known as Runkeeper Go. This gives you access to more comprehensive statistics, analysis, and personalized training schedules.


  • It has the capacity to archive your running statistics for subsequent access.
  • It leverages the power of the GPS system on your phone to track your walks, runs, bike rides, training workouts and other get fit activities.
  • You can set fitness goals and monitor your progress as well.
  • It allows you to collaborate with friends and family to achieve specific fitness objective.
  • Motivating voice to spur you on until you reach your running mark


This fitness/running app is one of the best running apps for performance monitoring. It comes with a special feature that allows you to set a personal goal and track your achievement. With Strava, you can have access to all standard statistics a running app should have such as stats on speed, time, distance, pace, and calories burnt. It is typically a great social fitness app to connect and compete with friends and other runners.


  • It has Suffer Score, a performance metrics system that gauges how hardworking you are.
  • Power Meter analysis monitors and tracks changes in performance per second.
  • Race analysis displays a visual breakdown of your pace spanning a specific area.
  • It a community center where you can socialize and connect with other runners.
  • Works with major GPS running watches and cycling computers.


This running exercise app is built to leverage on the versatility of GSP to track running exercises, monitor speed, time and distance of runners. It is one of the best free fitness apps that allows you to track various exercises such as jogging, biking, running and walking. It takes you right into the midst of a global fitness community to get tips on how to improve personal performance.


  • A personal fitness tracker that monitors workouts with running map and fitness workouts.
  • LIVE Tracking and Cheering feature allows you to get cheers from friends and family.
  • An integrated music player that syncs well with the Powersong music app.
  • Voice Coach gives an audio report on the first mile achieved.
  • Running leaderboard gives you the opportunity to who among your friends has run farthest.


This running app is designed to help track and map every run to obtain relevant stats and feedback in order to improve performance. It is a community of over 40 million runners where you can discover exciting routes, save and share your progress while you reach new running heights.


  • Customized voice feedback gives you audio feedback on each GPS-tracked run.
  • Gear Tracker allows you to sync your running shoes and track your mileage.
  • Routes enable you to locate nearby areas to run, add new paths and save your favorite ones.
  • Activity Feed allows you to see what your friends are up to.
  • Syncs MyFitnessPal to have a detailed look at your calorie intake and burn.


This fitness app is built to allow runners to compete against others around the globe. Moreover, it allows you to focus on achievement and stay highly motivated for running. It also comes with various exciting features.


  • RaceRunner Community offers you an ample chance to share your passion with others like you.
  • Keep track of your workout whether it is jogging, walking or running.
  • Offline mode allows you participate in races any time of your choice.
  • The leaderboard helps you see the position and monitor the stats of all competitors in a race.
  • Option to choose the custom race of your own or a virtual race.

Nike+ Run Club

This fitness app is regarded as the most fun and effective weight loss program. It uses the well-proven principles of tracking calorie to spur you to success. Furthermore, Lose It helps you design a personalized weight loss plan. The goals include weight loss, fitness, and wellness. Moreover, you can view your information on your computer because it includes an app as well as a website.


  • You can scan in the food you have eaten either by using its Barcode Scanner to scan or using the inbuilt database.
  • Allows you track more than calories with water, health, macronutrient, and body measurement goals.
  • Syncs well with trackers, devices, and apps such as Misfit trackers, Fitbit Scales, Google Fit, Withings scales and much more.
  • Uses its Serving Size Guide to help measure portions and create a more purposeful eating experience.
  • Allows you to step up your game with exercise, fruit, veggie, and weight loss challenges and you can create a private challenge with your pals.


This app gets you motivated with exciting workout music. It was in major news outlets and mags such as the New York Times, TIME Magazine and LA Times. RockMyRun has also proven to increase motivation and enjoyment by almost 35%.


  • Experience best exercise music mixtapes as created by pro DJs like Zedd, David Guetta and much more.
  • Its Body Driven Music feature matches music tempo with your steps.
  • Offers chances to choose any genre such as Gospel, Pop, R&B, Rock, Oldies, etc.
  • Syncs seamlessly with other fitness apps like Runtastic and MapMyFitness.
  • Music mixtapes are built in beats per second to keep you motivated during a workout.


This running tracker serves as a virtual running pal. It offers voice directions for 1000 races, as well as running routes and city tours.


  • It has a library of running routes.
  • Offers Route Creator to chart and plan your own route.
  • Accurate stats of distance, time, elevation and calories.
  • Once Routes are downloaded they can be used offline.
  • Gives audio feedback of your distance and pace at end of each run

Running for Weight Loss

This fitness app is specifically to function as a weight loss utility tool. Running for Weight Loss is well an all-around tool to serve as a fitness log and diet aid for runners, as well as running coaches.


  • Offers a mix of effective interval jogging, running, sprints and walking focused on weight loss.
  • Availability of different training plans such as Walking for Weight Loss, Half Marathon, Run 5k, Run 10k and so on.
  • Activity tracker and GPS running will keep track of your free runs.
  • Offers meal plan for weight loss with 4-course meal and step-by-step food recipes.
  • Some of its other exciting features include; Personal Coach, Workout Music, Smart Reminders, Body Transformation

Sports Tracker

This fitness app is one of the best sports apps to help fitness fans around the world. It helps people get motivated through exercise. Furthermore, Sports Tracker comes with amazing features as seen below.


  • Offers voice feedback during training.
  • Tracks running pace, altitude, calories burned, average training, cycling speed and much more.
  • Monitors and analyses workout performances.
  • Tracks fitness progress.
  • Comes with GPS maps, time and distance calculator.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, as you can see from the awesome running apps above, runners now have the ability to engage in activities that can improve their performance. These apps can help you connect with loved ones, pre-plan your workout routines, and track your overall progress. Furthermore, with these tools on your palm, you can compete with pro runners from around the world.

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