Benefits of Water Jogging

Young woman jogging on an underwater treadmill

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There are many different ways that someone can utilize to get into shape. One of the most popular, of course, is running. But running can be hard on the body and often leads to many injuries like strains, stress fractures, and sprains. How can you reap all of the benefits of running without so much impact and stress being put on your body?

Water jogging is one answer to this problem. You will get the cardiovascular benefits you would get from running, but the water will help reduce the impact on your body. But there are way more benefits to water jogging than just that. So let’s take a look at this unique and effective alternative for traditional running.

What is Water Jogging? Why Do It?

Before we dive into why you should be doing it and the benefits that it brings, let’s discuss simply what water jogging is. This cardiovascular exercise is known by many different names, including aqua jogging or deep water running. 

It is quite simply the act of performing the motions of jogging while in water. There are multiple different ways one can do it. You can easily do laps around the pool like you would around a track field, or you can use weights and run in place. There are multiple reasons why one might want to add this into their workout routine:

  • Injury Rehab – Many physicians and trainers suggest water jogging for those that have suffered injuries or have a recurring problem. 
  • Running Form – It can also be helpful when looking to improve your running form. You’ll still run in the same manner but with a little more resistance, which helps improve cardio.
  • Gentle Fitness – It is gentler when it comes to aerobic exercises. You will still get all the cardiovascular benefits, but your heart rate won’t be as high, which makes it great for older individuals who may not be in the best shape.

Benefits of Water Jogging

It’s essential to understand what water jogging is and why people choose it instead of traditional running. But like with everything else, most won’t want to include this type of exercise in their weekly routines unless they understand the benefits of water jogging.

Here are some of the benefits you will be able to take advantage of if you incorporate water jogging into your exercise routines.

Strength Training

Along with being a great cardiovascular exercise, water jogging is a form of resistance training. Water is way more resistant than air, so movement within it may seem easier but offers more push causing muscles to work harder. In fact, a standing position like you would have in water jogging is four times more resistant than if you use the pool for just swimming.

Reduces Strain

Water jogging can reduce the pressure and weight on joints like your hips and knees. Running can be extremely hard on these joints, and the fact that water takes that load off will help improve overall movement. It also will reduce the chance of injury.

Steady Temp

When you’re running outside, you have no control over the temperature in general. But when you’re water jogging, especially in an indoor pool, you have control over everything. This control also means that you will comfortably get your runs in no matter the weather outside. Therefore, there is more consistency and less likelihood of suffering from any type of health issues caused by weather that is too cold or too hot.


Water jogging is a great way to get your cross-training in. You can add a few sessions of water jogging every week alongside all your other training to get a full-body workout that helps improve your overall physical stamina and strength.


When you get injured, it takes time for you to heal and be able to get back to your daily routines. But once you have consulted with a physician, you might find that water jogging is an excellent way to help stay active and keep your progress in place. It can also be a great way to prevent injuries, as we have said previously.

Aqua Aerobic Training in Water Sport Centre

How to Do It: Some Tips To Start With

But how do you get started? Once again, after you have consulted with your physician or trainer and decided that water jogging is a good fit for your exercise regime, you simply find a place and get started. However, we do have a few tips that might help you with this process.

Deep Water

If you’re already a runner, adding water jogging is a way to readily instill an alternative to your standard running. For those that this is the case, you’re going to want to try to duplicate what it’s like running on land so that you can maintain your heart rate. To achieve this, you will need to find a deep enough pool and utilize that deep end. You will get the best and most accurate results if your feet don’t touch the bottom of the pool.


Posture is important when you run as there is a lot of impact on your body in a traditional running format. But even when you’re in the water, you can utilize the environment to help perfect your posture. 

You want to make sure your head is lifted and your chin is pulled while your shoulder blades are coming together. Along with this, the runner’s stomach should be pulled back into your spine, and your arms should be at a 90-degree angle and swinging through the water. You’ll find that your posture will be much better even when you’re doing traditional running after beginning water jogging.

Lower Body

When you first start, you’re going to want to start with a slight flutter kick, and then as you become more accustomed to water jogging, you can open up your gait. Make sure that your knees are slightly bent and that your quads push the water forward. This method will also help your biomechanics for your land running.

Cut Down Workout Time

For those who are already runners, you probably have a set time that you plan on running. When you’re utilizing water jogging as an alternative, you’ll want to cut down that time. In the water, you will find that you get tired quicker because of the resistance from that water, so cutting your workout time down will help you in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Water jogging offers a lot of benefits that even traditional running doesn’t. It is a great way to add an alternative form of exercise into your weekly routine in order to have a more rounded exercise regime.

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