7 Tips to Make Running More Comfortable

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To most of the people who are not gym rats, going to the gym is a very dull task. Not only going to the gym but any physical activity. Running is definitely one of those, but how can you make your running much more comfortable? Do you want to start running because you realized that it’s super healthy but you have no idea how?

Or perhaps you’re simply an old runner who wants to make his morning jogging much more comfortable? Luckily for you, there are those small tips and tricks that will make your runs much more interesting, comfortable and fun. So whether you’re running on a treadmill, outdoors or working on out on a  Elliptical Machine, the following seven tips should help you get started.

Set mini distance goals

There’s nothing better than meeting a certain goal, and the goals while running are indeed extremely important. So what you can do is set yourself mini distance goals and congratulate yourself once you meet them.

The good thing is that this is always motivating and it will push you to run even more. How to set these goals? Any way you want to. You can go by time or distance, so simply choose your fighter. The sense of accomplishment every time you hit one will definitely help you achieve even more.

Try out a new route

Another way to make your running much more interesting is by changing the route from time to time. Perhaps you already have one that you’re stuck with for quite some time now because it’s probably the best one or the most user-friendly.

But think about spicing things up and change your route every two weeks or so. Not only is the whole running experience much more interesting as you will get to see other parts of your town, but it will also motivate you to run even more as you will never get bored.

Wear comfortable clothes

So, you want to make your running more comfortable? Well, then the first thing you need to pay attention to is that you have all the good clothes for this endeavour. Whether you’re running in a huge expensive winter wonderland city like Chicago  or an even more frigid city like Minneapolis, make sure that you always have good high-quality running tights as they will adapt your muscles to running in no time. These will also help you keep your muscles warmed up and ready to run miles.

What’s also important is that you have comfortable sneakers, so make sure not to save money on them. The importance of high-quality running shoes is unquestionable, especially because they can prevent injuries. Check out some great shoes here

Warm up properly

Even though you might think that this tip is extremely simple, you won’t believe how many runners skip the warm-up routine as they think that it’s unimportant. You should always warm up your muscles, not only in order to prevent any strains or injuries but also because you need to get your blood pumping before you start running. What you need is a dynamic warm-up that includes high-knee marches and exercises that stretch your muscles.


If you’re a runner then you know that you’re in constant need of fluids, especially when you’re tired and when you hit a certain mileage so you want to relax a bit. Hydrating is a very important process here, so make sure that you always have a water bottle in your hands.

Make sure not to drink water like crazy, though, as it will only meddle with your running performance; rather, drink a couple of sips every time you want to take a break. Hydrating is a very important process as not only will you be hydrating yourself but your muscles as well, so they will perform even better.

Don’t forget to breathe

This is another tip that you might think is unimportant, as obviously, you’re breathing. However, you need to control your breathing while running as it can make your running easier. Make sure to know how to breathe during your runs and you will see the difference.

Play some killer music

Finally, there’s that piece of advice that you simply have to listen to. Before going out of the house to run, make sure to stock your phone with some of the most dynamic songs that you can think of, or simply find a great running playlist. It’s incredible to what extent good music can motivate you. Running while listening to sad songs will definitely not help you achieve your goal, so look for some R&B, rock, pop, or anything that floats your boat, basically.

It is key to have good gear for listening to music, especially your headphones. Your music player is important as well and your phone may not always be the best solution for that. A separate MP3 or iPod for running may be your answer.

Want to go running? Try out all these tips one day and you will see how much more comfortable and interesting running can be. You probably won’t be able to wait for your next run!

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